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    Walcownia Metali Nieżelaznych "ŁABĘDY"S.A.

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Non-Ferrous Metals Rolling-Mill ŁABĘDY is a company with over a hundred years' tradition in the manufacturing of flat rolled products from copper, copper alloys (brass, bronze, brass with a high-nickel content) and silver. The company manufactures tapes /strips , sheets, anodes, strips with various thickness, dimensions and degrees of hardening as well as casting alloys.

The most important element of the company's policy involves timely fulfilment of orders and delivering products in accordance with our customers' expectations. To meet market requirements, the company develops and is modernized on a continuous basis and the latest investment includes a modern automated production line allowing for production of excellent quality tapes/strips with a clean smooth and passivated surface.

Non-Ferrous Metals Rolling-Mill ŁABĘDY is currently the only company in Poland which produces rolled products from copper and copper alloys in a full production cycle. It has a foundry, a hot-rolling mill and a cold-rolling mill. This allows for optimization of manufacturing costs and full control of the manufacturing process.
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